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Bremen Classic Motorshow February. The start to the season in Germany. Click here for link to our classic cars page and Bremen from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 AND 2018 including slideshows and Facebook.. Headline Events can be found on the Hamburg English Pages Facebook page. Classic car events and tours are on our classic car related pages and here on our classic car pages . On our Rover & MG Facebook page: Rover SD1 spotted (photos), plus many more. On our Classic British Cars FB page, you'll find photo-sets such as 235 photos from the annual classic British cars meeting in Westerrönfeld, Germany.

Archives: Down on the Ice in Hamburg on the Alster Lake | 10.02.2012
We were there in 1997, 2010 and 2012. Hamburg's Alstereisvergnügung, an ice event that only happens if it stays cold enough, for long enough, and the ice reaches a thickness of 20cm, or more. Then! Milllions of people turn up, stands with hot drinks and food appear all around the city centre lake and fun is had by all. In 1997 the stands were on the ice and it was an official event. The next official event after that happened on 10th, 11th and 12th February 2012. Although the ice froze in 2010, the go-ahead for an official event was not given due to warmer weather and uncertainty about safety. As such no stands appeared. There were major differences in the ice quality in 1997. It was very rough, having broken up and then frozen again. In 2010 and 2012, the surface of the lake was smooth enough to skate on, almost everywhere, without areas having to be smoothed, as in 1997. Please select the banner above , to see our photos from 1997, 2010 and 2012 go to our feature page

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Archive: Boat Trip. Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg to Bergedorf, as part of many pre-events leading up to the IGS 2013 (International Garden Show) in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. 11th July 2011 | © Click here -


A Visit to the Uetersen Rosarium near Hamburg. Rose Gardens Photo Report: 13th June 2011 | © Click here

A second Visit to the Uetersen Rosarium near Hamburg. Rose Gardens Photo Report: 26th June 2011 | © Click here


Hamburg Harbour Tour and 75th Anniversary Visit of USCG Barque Eagle. Report: 4th June 2011 | 132 Photos © Click on image

3rd to 6th June in Hamburg. This ship was berthed next to the ''Ricker Rickmers'' in Hamburg harbour, almost opposite where she was built 75 years ago. On her way to Hamburg, two crew members were injured during heavy seas. Entry was free and there was plenty of professionally prepared printed information material available in German and English, plus information boards placed on the decks. A friendly and helpful crew were welcoming people on board. A video will be released at a later date via YouTube and/or Facebook. Links via

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Select this link for dates and details. Further images of ship

Queen Victoria in Hamburg
Hamburg, 13.12.2010 | Queen Victoria on the Elbe. Video
09.12.2010 | The Queen in Hamburg from 3rd to 13th December 2010. The first repaint and maintanence. First Cunard female captain. Links to all images here
2010 Hamburg Christmas Markets
Hamburg, 09.12.2010 | Ottensen is currently featured. Slideshow
Wappen von Hamburg
Hamburg, 28.11.2010 | We have released pictures of our trip to Helgoland via Cuxhaven from Hamburg and back. Featured is the ship ''Wappen von Hamburg'' which is sadly due to be scrapped. We hope this does not happen. See our Hamburg Gallery for the link to the slideshow
Dahlia Gardens Hamburg
Hamburg, 29.10.2010 | Dahlia Gardens Hamburg 2010 photo index and Dahlia Gardens people and flowers slideshows now online, click here. More to come in the next few months. Also in the Facebook group. Earlier photos, in the form of videos, here


Almost the entire collection of Dahlias in Hamburg's Dahlia Gardens (Dahliengarten Hamburg) can be seen on our Dahlia page. The photos include a number of photos chosen for possible poster and print distribution, some of which could be on display in the Dahlia Gardens café in the future . Some of the galleries also include the names of each plant, if available.

The Dahlia Gallery Page


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Photos of the Queen Mary 2 and the Hamburg Hafengeburtstag (Harbour Birthday) can be found amongst many others in our ''nicolls d.zine gallery''. You will also find Mont Blanc sunset photos from 30000 feet, plus tulips in Keukenhof. The video section, which was started in Sept 2007, includes our new Hamburg Highlights and Hamburg Parks series plus exclusive close-up video and photo shots of the A380 in Hamburg Airport, Lufthansa Technik and in Airbus-Finkenwerder in Germany. The video section also includes interesting videos from Cornwall in England, which have been included on a Cornwall tourist website

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