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Press enquiries. If you are looking for proof of work, in reference to accrediting us for a show or event, you are organising, please take the time to go through the work we have provided since January 2001. Please begin with our start page www.englishpages.de, and Hamburg English Pages. If you would like a statement regarding our work, please state your interest and provide a short summary of your company, or work. Enquiries about our services, such as photo sales, should be sent in detailed form with all your contact details. Where possible, please note the web address of where you found photos and a description of where the photo was taken. If a photo number was provided, please note this number

We take no responsibility for the content of any external websites reached by the links provided on any of our pages and websites. We hold no views in relationship to these sites and have no influence over them whatsoever. We distance ourselves from them and deny ownership of them accordingly. Thanks.

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Hiermit distanzieren wir uns ausdruecklich von allen Inhalten aller gelinkten Seiten auf unserer Homepage und machen uns diese Inhalte nicht zu eigen. Diese Erklaerung gilt fuer alle auf dieser Website angebrachten Links und Webseiten



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