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The CLASSIC CAR pages feature photo reports on classic car and commercial vehicle events, mainly in Germany and some in the UK. We also cover garden shows, news events, ship arrivals, historic train events and we are always interested in picturesque, historic and interesting places. To suggest events that we could report on, please follow the links to our websites, pages and groups via the links to the right, or use the contact page

Image taken in Bremen 2011. © nicolls d.zine hamburg
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The Bremen Classic Motor Show will be getting the season off to a good start on 3rd, 4th and 5th February 2012. We'll be travelling to Bremen on the Friday 3rd and will be reporting from the location. We'll be talking to many people we know there and taking no end of photos, as usual. Joining us will be many members of classic car clubs, based in and around Hamburg. If you are taking part, please let us know and we will attempt to visit your stand. Please tell us in English why you will be there. If technology allows, we will add photos to the Facebook Groups from the show and even here

One of the main themes this year will be the 50th anniversary of the MGB. The MGB Car Club will be celebrating this major event in Hall 5. There are a good number of major highlights in 2012, making this one event that does not appear the same, year after year. See page two for a summary of the press releases and selected press photos

Bremen has an environmental zone, unlike Hamburg. Reportedly, only cars with green environmental stickers can drive into certain parts of Bremen. Take care and be informed, to avoid fines

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50th Anniversary of the MGB. This year's theme in Hall 5
Classic Motorshow Bremen 2011. © nicolls d.zine hamburg
Stadtpark MotoRevival Hamburg 2011. © nicolls d.zine hamburg

Companies 2012

Hall & Stand


Autosports Gallery LTD

5 L 19

BEAULIEU - National Motor Museum

5 A 01

Beugler Paint Pinstriping Tools

2 B 19

Chase MG

4 B 48

Chater's Motoring Booksellers

5 L 32

Currie, Andrew

5 L 32

John Gulshan Antiques

5 L 15

Hawksley Engineering Ltd

1 A 02

McGilvray, Ian - Internet?

4 C 20

Royal Enfield Books

1 C 02

Small - Motoring Books & Automobiliar

4 B 42

Stafford Vehicle Components Ltd

6 C 02

Stevson Motors

5 D 47

Vintage Headlamp Restoration International Ltd 4 B 16
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Bremen Classic Motorshow - 4th, 5th & 6th February

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The ultimate classic vehicle fair, an annual start to the new season and one of the best international shows in northern Europe

For classic cars, veterans, motorcycles, motor sports, spare parts and restoration exhibitors. With 550 exhibitors from 11 countries and over 36.086 visitors from throughout Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Scandinavia, this is a show that should not be missed

An ambitious, high-quality event held in an atmosphere that is valued highly by visitors and exhibitors alike

There were very many positives to report, including the historic shuttle buses running from the park and ride car parks. The drivers were friendly and informative. The stands were well thought out and the cafés were well organised. Toilets were clean, plentiful and modern. The press department was helpful

Minor negatives: some vehicles were surrounded by signs, blocked by objects and covered in leaflets, making photography difficult. The motorcycle and parts areas were well organised, but pipe and cigarette smokers made it difficult to remain there for long

This report includes commercial vehicles.

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