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We visited Denmark for the first time in August 2018 and again in October, to report on two classic car shows. The images can be found on Classic British Cars

We would like to welcome two new admins to our Classic British Cars team, in November 2018. Gerner and Freddie, who are Danish and very much part of the British car scene there

We reported on many events, in 2018. See our Facebook pages. Links via www.englishpages.de


May 2012 | on Hamburg English Pages Facebook page: Harbour Birthday 2012 in Hamburg. Photos. New on our Rover & MG Facebook page: Rover SD1 spotted (photos). New on Classic Cars in Germany: 235 new photos from the annual Classic British cars meeting in Westerrönfeld.

12.02.2012 | The Hamburg Alster Lake feature page is online via our gallery website. Alster ice event photos from 1997, 2010 and 2012

08.02.2012 | New sub-domain for cars: cars.englishpages.de

01.02.2012 | The latest classic car photos and reports can be found here. Bremen Classics, Hamburg City Park, Traventhal and more

12.01.2012 | We are looking for owners of vehicles fitted with a Rover 3500 V8 engine, for an indoor show in October 2012. The show will take place circa one hours drive from Hamburg Germany. The engine must have been fitted as standard

November 2011 | The NEC Classic Motor Show - our report

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Hamburg English Pages will be 20 in 2021

The nicolls d.zine owned website Hamburg English Pages celebrated 10 years online in January 2011

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Representing northern Germany and featuring Hamburg and Berlin, our Hamburg English Pages website was 10 years old in January 2011. We extended our coverage to Berlin in 2009 and introduced English Pages Germany. Online photo and video galleries compliment our information websites and interactive activities, gathered centrally on one page via www.englishpages.de. Add your town and city, on a volunteer basis, if you are dedicated to supplying information to the English speaking community in your area. Proof of activity. or dedication required. A good command of, and feeling for, the English language, spelling and grammar is required, plus the ability to identify abuse and spam quickly within the groups


We are currently looking for investors plus distributors/printers for various postcard, calendar, poster and design projects to work with us. You are welcome to contact us. Providers of banner services and also researchers in the area of public funds for public services, are welcome to contact us in respect of the terms and services you can offer

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Our services include Hamburg and Berlin English Pages, photo and video galleries, event reports, news services, social pages, business groups, online research, graphic design, web design, translations and much more

Mobile disco and event services in the Hamburg region. One of the largest music collections available. Many original 12'' disco classics

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