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rythm d.zine was relaunched as a Facebook Page on 28th February 2011. Many postings depict the music we played in clubs, discos and events from 1975 onwards. The name goes back to the 80's, when it was used by us for a mobile disco with DJ. The name of the Facebook page has been changed to DISCO SOUL & CLUB CLASSICS to easily identify the concept

A selection of services we offer

Our services include Hamburg and Berlin English Pages, photo and video galleries, event reports, news services, social pages, business groups, online research, graphic design, web design, translations and much more

Mobile disco and event services in the Hamburg region. One of the largest music collections available. Many original 12'' disco classics. We are currently working on a weekly radio show concept. If you would like to discuss options, we are available via our contact page

Interview, reporter, video and photography service


Please appreciate, to use photos, permission is required. Charges will be made for photos used without permission. We reserve the right to send a bill/Rechnung for the work without warning. All rights are reserved

If you want to write to us in German, please feel free to do so

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    We are based in Hamburg

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    Hamburg and Berlin English Pages


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