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11pm, 29th February 2004
Ole von Beust, CDU, has done it again... He won the Hamburg Elections on the 29th Feb with style and was welcomed with chants of Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, cheers and clapping in CCH (Congress Centrum Hamburg) this evening. The CDU will be able to govern with an absolute majority. The elections results show that the CDU won for local, rather than national reasons - a case of personality. Hamburg will profit from a non-coalition government and it should be good for local and international business, regardless of who won
Hamburg English Pages was there, in the middle of the action, and as such we have a selection of photos for you to see, further down
Action was the right word! We were told by NDR 90,3 Radio, that it is worth going just to see the journalists and photographers pushing and shoving each other - we were not disappointed! Each popular politician was encircled by bodyguards, they were in turn encircled by shouting, pushing and shoving journalists - signs, boards, lighting and anything in the way, went flying... cameras were ripped out of hands, cables tangled and microphones were pushed into faces... chaos is a good description. All the familiar faces were there, politicians and news readers from NDR, ARD, HH-1, ZDF, N-TV, Bayern Regional, RTL and Pro 7 to name a few. Each TV and radio station had its own studio - the studios were in various rooms and on two open plan floors. The ZDF studio was by far the best
The rush was amazing as the CDU's Ole von Beust, Schill and Thomas Mirow appeared at different times, but after a while the reporters and cameramen lost interest in Schill and Thomas Mirow and chased Ole von Beust from TV studio to TV studio and then out of the door. He then left to go to the Fish Auction Halls, where the party was waiting - in both senses of the word. We heard that the N-TV studio was flattened in CCH, but did not see it
Click for Election News. Europeans registered as living in Hamburg, who are also in receipt of a yellow voting card, were able to vote in the local elections - Bezirksversammlung, but not the main Hamburg election
Photos: campaign discussions in the Elbe Shopping Centre, Saturday 28th Feb 2004, voting on the 29th and in CCH (Congress Centrum Hamburg) - Photos taken by Hamburg English Pages - All rights reserved

Extra: This article, in German was printed by the Hamburger Abendblatt on 1st March... Hamburg Government Collapses Expatica, 9th Dec 2003

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