Autumn 2002 - 2003 in Hamburg and Weissenhaus

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Featured: Botanic Gardens Hamburg, The Elbe (Nienstedten), The Dahlia Gardens Hamburg (see Garden Page on Hamburg English Pages main pages), The inner and outer Alster in Hamburg, Westerpark in Hamburg-Nienstedten, near the Botanic Gardens. More photos expected by the end of the season. Photos: All rights reserved.

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One photo shows the Airbus Beluga flying low near the Botanic Gardens in Klein Flottbek. A regular sight in Hamburg. The best viewpoint is Teufelsbrueck ferry terminal on the Hamburg-Nienstedten border, 15 mins walk from Klein Flottbek S-Bahn train station. The Beluga is not to be confused with the earlier Boeing Guppy. An old 4 prop version of the Guppy is on the Airbus-Finkenwerder site in Hamburg

Click here for the Beluga