THE ARK ROYAL IN HAMBURG 12th & 15th March 2004


The Ark Royal in Hamburg Harbour 12th March. Leaving in the rain on 15th March. The slideshow features low resolution images. Click here to start

Thanks to and Tim Sparling for giving us permission to reproduce three photos. Tim used to serve on the Ark Royal. Featured links further down. Information from March 2004, except for additional Google and Wiki links. Page redesigned 28.02.2012
HMS Ark Royal - leaving Hamburg  
Commanding Officer
Aircraft Carriers & Assault Ships
Hamburg Gallery
2004: HMS Ark Royal was in Hamburg until Monday 15th March 09:00 hrs. She arrived at 13:00 hrs on 11th March. A tour of the ship was not possible, due to increased security measures at the time. The last time the ship was in Hamburg was 1989 - NDR Story in German - Live WebCam showing dock - Photos - Welcome to the Ark's unofficial home (Website) - Royal Navy Website
Ark Royal is the largest aircraft carrier in the RN

Length: 210 metres
Beam: 36 metres

Displacement: 20,000 tonnes

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Feb 2012 News: New Hope for Swan Hunter Built Warship Ark Royal



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